Ultimate Membership Package 2023

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All our upcoming vinyl releases for the next 12 months

+ FOR A LIMITED TIME new Ultimate members receive an album a month from us (new, 2022 + back catalogue)


  • Regular newsletter with personal updates about the releases and album campaigns

  • Access to an exclusive members blog on this website with access to digital gifts and fascinating insights to the releases and label

  • Trapped Animal Tote Bag, Badge and Membership Card

  • HQ digital downloads of all releases and back catalogue

  • Early access to single streams

    2022's Releases 

    Gabi Garbutt - Cockerel 

    Sunday Driver - Sun God 

    Stars And Rabbit - Rainbow Aisle 

    Cormorant Tree Oh - Swoontide 

    Headswim - Flood #Redux

    Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something - Miffed

    2023 Schedule

    (Announcing Nov 1 2022 - email us if you have any questions.)

    We will email you within 24 hours of purchase to discuss which specific items you would like from the back catalogue.

    Please note, If you select monthly you will be billed on checkout for the first month, plus a one off shipping fee for ALL of the items you will be posted this year (unless you select international monthly), we will email you shortly afterward an invite to set up a direct debit via Go Cardless for the monthly fee.

    Ethical Load Balancing! By signing up to our Record Club, you're supporting independent musicians and a record label that supports grassroots music and industry. We work with independent business and ethical suppliers wherever we can (see our partners page for more info), we buy our postal kit from small sellers and avoid large corporates as much as we can.

    ^  subject to availability... not all delivered at once, regular post throughout the year
    **New releases refer to those released between 1 Jan 2023 and 01 Jan 2024
    ✝Back catalogue refers to releases before and up to December 2022.

    Cockerel - May 20 2022

    Sunday Driver Sun God

    Sun God - July 2022

    Swoontide - September 2022

    Flood - October 2022