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We are an independent record label based in Cambridge, UK.

We seek out the best new music from underground and rising artists.

We specialise in producing limited edition runs of beautiful vinyl records.
We are not confined by genre or borders, our catalogue & roster is instead connected by exquisite, timeless songwriting and epic soundscapes...
We have signed artists from the UK, USA, Indonesia, Japan and Ireland.

Trapped Animal is building foundations with our artists that will help guide them towards a lifetime of making music... a route to emancipation for musicians.

How do we support our artists?

We advance various costs related to release campaigns.

We run a 50/50 recoup deal with all our artists, this means once we've recouped our spend on the album, all profits are split 50/50 (this is very different from a Major Label record deal).

We nurture our artists and connect them with trusted music industry champions - such as publishers, PR agents and promoters. Our artists license us the rights for their music for a temporary period, we never own our artists or their masters. This means in the future they will be able to exploit their work for their own benefit without having over-lengthy contracts or debts clipping their wings.

Why do we do this?

First thing that counts, is we do this because we choose to!

We want to make a working example that the music industry doesn't just have to eat and spit out artists when it's done with them.
Eventually, we hope not to just be a foundation, but an actual vehicle that when an artist signs to us they really are protected by us, emotionally, mentally and financially.

To do this we need to build a community around our label and our artists, so we created

The Record Club...

The Trapped Animal Record Club.

The Record Club is for vinyl enthusiasts and fans of indie and underground music, we have Vinyl Membership (everything on vinyl), Merch (T's, Totes, Artwork) and Digital tiers (online members area, exclusive content). Our club provides its members with a personal connection to the music we release and the artists we work with, with regular campaign updates, a secret blog on this website, early access to singles and our entire digital catalgoue all at your fingertips, this club is for those out there that want to see their money do something useful for the artists that make the music they love.

Record Club Membership

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The Subscription.

For either a yearly or monthly subscription fee you can get:

All our upcoming vinyl releases for the next 12 months + our back catalogue

2023 releases:


Tape Runs Out - Floodhead

Neev - Katherine

Jeremy Tuplin - Orville's Discotheque

Grrrl Gang - Spunky

Headswim - Flood Live (Dec)


2022 releases:

Gabi Garbutt - Cockerel

Sunday Driver - Sun God 

Stars And Rabbit - Rainbow Aisle

Cormorant Tree Oh - Swoontide 

Headswim - Flood #Redux

Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something - Miffed