Jeremy Tuplin returns with new single 'better man'

Two years on from his last album ‘Violet Waves'..

..Jeremy Tuplin announces a new single ‘Better Man’. Whether he returns as a betterman or not, judging by the first line, “My baby’s got me doing the hoovering, guess she forgot I don’t even live here”, the jury’s out. It does however set the tone in this alternatively romantic song, one that goes on to outline a fragile, ego-centric performer and his relationship with his suffering partner.

It’s an observational comment on a certain type of narcissism and frailty of the male ego, Tuplin playing the role of the self-proclaimed “rock star” or “disco-Shakespeare” who also pleads with his lover not to “belittle me in front of my band”, whilst also providing a minutiae-level reflection of romantic love in all its beautiful complexity, the hold that one person can have over another, and travails of the mind in coming to terms with it all. Is it Tuplin himself, or one of his characters that he’s singing through, or are the boundaries too stretched and blurred to perceive the difference. Either way, and ultimately, in one way or another, it is love, and some kind of desire for self-improvement that wins the day. 

'Tuplin’s cosmic narratives weave genuine psych-folk wonder and mundanity together with intoxicating ease' 9/10

- Line Of Best Fit

'A distinctive, deep vocal that has hints of Leonard Cohen and Bill Callahan'

- The Telegraph Culture

'[Violet Waves is] a hugely enjoyable, drug fuelled space odyssey'


- Loud & Quiet

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