Journey Deeper

It means so much that you're here and enjoying my music.  It's been quite the journey I have to say...

I have THREE bonuses for you!

1) Another song/video for this tune 'Never Never';

2) The link to my Bandcamp page, if you want to explore my catalogue further;

3) Something to share:

I'd love to share a little about why it's so special you are part of this journey:

As a teenager I was a total outsider, I didn’t fit in, I was bullied and left out.  I escaped into a world of music and poetry and found the most exciting point where the two connected (to me at least).

And so, I lost myself in the CBGB scene - Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Tom Verlaine and their links with Rimbaud and Verlaine, Blake, Lorca and the beat poets.

I struggled with anxiety and depression throughout my childhood and teenage years, at points being obsessed with it being the end of the world, or feeling like I didn’t exist and was in a simulation, or feeling trapped just being conscious as I was so depressed, and wanting to escape.

If you've ever been in a bad place mentally, I feel you.  And my music is definitely for you; to remind you we can connect to better things.

Together, 'outsiders and misfits' can become 'insiders'. Find your people; they’re looking for you

Remember: art gets energy from its struggle, as William Blake said ‘without contraries no progression’. The joyful release that art brings, even when fuelled by the violent energy of despair, is a really powerful thing.

Thank you for being here,