Devil Dances - Last Drones From the Discotheque

Hey there friend,

It's Jeremy here.  It means a lot to me that you gave my music the time of day.  For that I thank you!

As a way of saying goodbye (for now), let me introduce a more reflective song 'Devil Dances':

PS - Here's a Bandcamp link if you don't have Spotify.

What to say about this song...?

The most stripped-down and lyrical song on the album. I guess I needed to have that in order to convey the rawness and sincerity of emotion that was running through the character at the time.

Feelings of abandonment, fear of losing his love, jealousy, paranoia, and then actually witnessing his worst fear being realised - or did he? Is that clear? Can he trust his mind at the time?

I think we’ve all experienced terrible emotions like these in the past, gripped by the power of love and what it can do to oneself and mind and ego in a negatively impactful way.


But what about Orville...?  You can find him at

There are rumours he may start a blog - we'll see though...

Been great to connect with you,