Hard Lines - An Upbeat Ending

Hey there friend,

It's been so fun meeting you :-)

As a way of saying goodbye (for now), let me introduce my song 'Hard Lines':

PS - Here's a Bandcamp link if you don't have Spotify.

What to say about this song...?

Finally! An upbeat song! Hard Lines is at least one of, if not the, oldest song on the record! It’s sort of a puzzle piece of memories that explores the dangers of nostalgia. It takes a group of ugly memories and squishes them together one after the other.

When we were in lockdown it was easy to think back to ‘better’ times but this song was a reminder that there were bad times too, ones that we can often learn and grow from, to take pride in who we are today. To be one’s hero!

I think ultimately it’s important to share stories, the lessons we learn and the things we come to know can resonate with so many people in different ways. I don’t go out of my way to share complete narratives or accounts of reality/ the truth, I just want to share words really.

It’s always the oddest little phrases and refrains that stick with me in music but I think that’s just about what resonates. Different words will resonate at different times which is what makes people return to albums time and time again.

I don’t need my music to mean anything specific to any kind of person, I’d love for it to be something you can revisit over time, encountering different meanings and reactions with each visit.

Hope to see you out there on the road someday!

Sending love,

Neev x