Thank you for coming!



Pete (from my label) and I wanted to thank you personally for coming out to my show on March 16th! 

And I've a little surprise for you - as an extra 'thank you' for making it such a special night.


Gift Part I:

Here's a 10% discount code for my new album, and/or anything else of mine (T-shirts, tote bags, etc)

NOTE - it applies at checkout.  Go through to the checkout page and it'll be applied automatically.

IF you pre-ordered a vinyl at the show, that was already discounted.  So consider this a bonus discount if you fancy anything else :-)

Gift Part II:

AND here's a free Bandcamp download code for my new single 'The House'.

NOTE - this leads to a Google Sheet; follow the instructions on the sheet, pick your code and download!

And again, thanks so much for being here. 

If you want to continue hearing from me and Trapped Animal, we'll email you every now and then with all our good music and good vibes.

Sending love,

Neev (& Pete) x