The Cave - Cormorant Tree Oh

Trapped Animal is very excited to announce the first single from new visual and aural talent from Ireland, Mary Keane aka Cormorant Tree Oh and the release of her folk horror epic that is Swoontide!

We will be celebrating Cormorant Tree Oh's maiden voyage with Trapped Animal with a dozen, individually unique, signed hand-painted postcards from Mary herself with an accompanying MP3 download as well as a handful of signed 10" prints of the artwork for upcoming single, The Cave.

Check out the video for The Cave below, exclusively here at Trapped Animal.

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The Cave - Official Video

Directed by Cormorant Tree Oh

This song is a celebration of the form and symbolism of caves.  They are portals to another realm, the site of our earliest artistic expression, places of transcendence, the hermit’s refuge.  They are colossal gees in the landscape.  They are where picnicking lovers go to make mischief on a summer’s day.  The cave in question is located in Portrane Co.Dublin.

- Cormorant Tree Oh