Gabi Garbutt

Subterranean Stars 7" Lathe

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Max of 50 units to be pressed,  numbered. Lathe cut by 3.45RPM. 

A: Subterranean Stars
B: This Higher Place (home demo)
Side B Only available on this Lathe! Will not be a download!

Digital Download: Lady From Seville (Ft'ing John Hassall of The Libertines): exclusive digital download with this order - not available anywhere else.

This is a pre-order, shipping Feb/Mar 2023, Lady From Seville available within 12 hours of placing order. 

From Gabi:

This Higher Place -
This is my original home demo for This Higher Place, the second song our first record  The Discredited Language of Angels, released in 2019. This home demo has got a sort of dreamy electronic feel, totally different vibe to the brassy stomper on the album.

Lady From Seville -
This is a song I wrote with John Hassall, the bass player from the Libertines. I wrote the lyrics and he wrote the music, then we developed the arrangements with my band The Illuminations, who perform on the song. John Hassall sings BVs and rhythm guitar. Jimi Scandal is on guitar, Alex Hall on trumpet, Stephen Gilchrist on drums and viola, Sean Read on BVs and whistling, and I sing and play bass.

Original collage artwork by Steev Burgess.