Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something


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The long awaited follow up to Jemma's alt-psyche debut realises everything the debut promised and more. Firmly establishing Jemma as one of the UK's most electrifying guitarists and writers, this is a record on FIRE. 

Miffed is available on 12” Limited Edition x 500 grape purple, gold foil effect album title on cover, 180GSM vinyl w/lyrics insert, CD Digipak and Digital Platforms this November.

We have a limited number of album / lyric pasta illustration bundles with T's SOLD OUT.

Track Listing
  1. Big Bread
  2. Easy Peeler
  3. Nobody Ever
  4. Huge
  5. Lump
  6. Maersky
  7. Bugles
  8. I Thought Too Much
  9. Sicilian Mousse
  10. Take Me