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LImited run 500 copies only. Neev's eagerly anticipated debut album will be out on 180 GSM, Blue Moon coloured Vinyl, three page fold out lyric insert on April 28th 2023

Signed Vinyl: limited to 100 + Numbered

Katherine carries all of the trademark sounds of Neev’s previous releases. Acoustic guitars, soaring string arrangements and layered backing vocals can be found throughout, but this time they’re bigger. Standout single ‘Green’, a song about envy, calls to mind artists like Marika Hackman and Fenne Lily. The track was born out of the relief Neev felt being reunited with her band post-lockdown. “It just fell out of me,” she says. “I think my brain just wanted to write a big, fun track for us to play together,” she says.

Every song on Katherine is tied to the idea of identity. “Each song explores the different facets of an individual,” explains Neev. “Them as someone’s child, someone’s sibling, someone’s partner. Someone as the gender (in my case, female) they identify as, someone as the job they do,” she continues. “In certain scenarios we play a role, at work we’re professional, at our family home we play out our function. Each track adopts a different role.