Welcome to my world

Hey there friend,

So good to see you here!  Below is my song 'Subterranean Stars', interspersed with my feelings about why songs are so powerful.

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Why songs?

"Songs sit in that magical part of the universe where the tangible meets the intangible. You have sound vibrations, breath, imagination, the language of music, some kind of urgent need to express yourself, your own invented symbolism, your poetic FACTS, the rhythm of the drum, the rhythm of your pulse, the rhythm of your drummer’s pulse, wailing guitars, stratospheric synths and the guttural cry of a saxophone that lies so close to the beating heart, all combining in some sort of chaotic alchemical reaction.”

“Songs have a unique way of stimulating body and mind simultaneously. The combined immediacy of pop, punk, rock n roll, with lyrics as space to explore ideas, share experiences, through imagery and observation. The double hit - immediacy and emotion from music, and lyrics to reflect on. It means they hit harder, enter deeper, they’re more potent like that. You can do anything in song so the possibilities are boundless, the potential to see things and experience things differently, in new ways".

"Love, music and imagination as a refuge against the horrors of the modern world.”

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Thanks for being here,