... we’re pleased to announce

...this lush remix of the album's opening track 'Candle For The Holy Ghost' by label buddy Oscuro!

Dropping 18 Jan 2023 on DSPs - we have a few units left of the 7"!

Hearing Lewis's remix was incredibly exciting for me -- having the opportunity to hear my own work as someone else imagined it, and to hear it with fresh ears myself.  I love how he transformed Candle from something open and amorphous to something more structured and driven without losing any of its dreaminess. The remix adds a new dimension to the piece, a new sonic narrative interwoven with the original vocal to tell the story of the piece with a new fervor.   

- Emma Houton

I really enjoyed working on this track, I was instantly drawn to the haunting quality of the vocals and wanted to try and experiment with placing them over the top of some driving percussion and glitchy drums. My aim was to bring in some of the elements that feature in my original productions but retain the character and overall direction of the original piece. I decided to add a subtle piano melody that I felt was suggested by the existing harmony along with various acoustic instruments that have been heavily processed"

- Oscuro

Emma Houton

Oscuro Remix 7"

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Emma Houton

The Bath

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